IRMA Training Testimonials

IRMA Training was established in 2002 by Megan Davies and Maxine Burchett after many years of Training within The Priory Group.
IRMA offers PMVA, Conflict Resolution, Least Restrictive practice, MVA, TMVA, Challenging Behaviour, Safeguarding Level 3

We have worked within Mental Health Services for over 30 Years. We have recieved many testimonials during this time - there is not nearly enough room to add them all here so please view a sample selection. We greatly value the recommendations we have recieved and always encourage feedback of any kind so do please let us know how you got on with our courses and if you feel we can improve on them!

With Grateful Thanks...
Meg and Maxine

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Bild Act Certified PMVA Training

IRMA training providing Bild Act Certified PMVA Training Conflict Resolution training, professional training in Managing Violence and Aggression, Physical Interventions and Resolving Conflict training courses throughout the UK.

We look forward to working with you to create a safer working environment for your staff and colleagues and welcome all your questions and enquiries!