IRMA Training Courses

All our courses are in line with RN Training Standards and are certified by BILD.

We teach theoretical aspects of conflict resolution as well as practical aspects in dealing with violence and aggression, following NICE guidelines.

All our staff have attended the NHS Security Management Service Promoting Safer and Therapeutic Services familiarisation courses and have signed up for their Intranet so we can keep up with research and guidelines. We cover the 10 Objectives set out in the NHS CFSMS Conflict Resolution National Syllabus Familiarisation course.

IRMA Training UK based: providing courses from 1-day Conflict Resolution training to 5 day PMVA Practitioner Course, with Positive Behavoural Support following latest NICE Guidelines. We teach theoretical aspects of conflict resolution as well as practical aspects in dealing with violence and agression.


Personal Safety and Disengagement Course

Personal safety and disengagement - this course is for all staff to cover both theoretical and practical aspects around assault avoidance, how to keep yourself safe in your working environment, including risk, assessing, communication, and de-escalation, as well as practical skills to escape or block and attack if needed.

Conflict Management

Conflict management - a theory, based course around causations of challenging behaviour, as well as communication and de-escalation techniques to avoid or manage such situations.

Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression

This course is a mixture of theoretical and practical based course that will look at causations of behaviours, how to de-escalate and communicate, the laws around utilising any form of restrictive interventions, and the physical and psychological risks involved in this. Practical aspects are covered at a Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary level, as well as post-incident procedures. The length and content of this course will be based on an individual training needs analysis completed by your organisation to ensure our team are delivering service-specific training individualised to your organisational needs.

Train the Trainer Courses

These are two weeks courses and are run for staff looking to become freelance trainers, or an organisation who want to adopt the model delivered by their own in house trainers (as an affiliate).

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Bild Act Certified PMVA Training

IRMA training providing Bild Act Certified PMVA Training Conflict Resolution training, professional training in Managing Violence and Aggression, Physical Interventions and Resolving Conflict training courses throughout the UK.

We look forward to working with you to create a safer working environment for your staff and colleagues and welcome all your questions and enquiries!