Bild Act Certified PMVA Training at IRMA TRAINING

IRMA Training is one of four organisations who gained their certification under the auspices of PMVA Associates. All of our training meets the requirements of the Restraint Reduction Network Training Standards 2019.  We provide Bild Act Certified PMVA Training. One of IRMA’s now associate partners is also one of the directors and Senior Trainers for PMVA Associates model.

Our aim is to provide the highest quality specialist violence reduction services delivered by a dedicated team of experts who have extensive knowledge, qualifications and experience of working across the Healthcare, Social care and Educational sector, providing care for young people, adults of working age and older adults. IRMA are committed to ensuring that our training and consulting services will have outstanding outcomes and a positive impact on commissioning organisations, trainers, staff and individuals who are cared for.

Bild Act Certified PMVA Training Conflict Resolution, Safeguarding Level 3
Bild Act Certified PMVA Training, PMVA, Safeguarding Level 3

At IRMA Training we are driven by our purpose of providing your team with high quality Bild Act Certified PMVA Training  that ensures they have the confidence, knowledge and skills to keep themselves and your service users safe, by upskilling them in how to prevent and manage potentially challenging, aggressive or violent situations across the Health, Social Care and Education sectors.

All courses will be designed based on Training Needs Analysis specific for your organisational needs, and they are delivered in line with the following Laws and Guidelines

Least Restrictive Interventions
Reducing Restrictive Practice
PMVA, TMVA, Conflict Resolution
NICE Guidelines
NHS England
D.O.H. Positive & Proactive Care
Positive Behavioural Support

Trauma Informed Care
Mental Health Act
Mental Capacity Act
Health and Safety at Work Act
Restraint Reduction Network
Mental Health Units (Use of Force)
Training Needs Analysis

INCIDENTS in the workplace

Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) for year ended March 2020

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Incidents At Work

Adults Experienced Violence At Work

Assaults At Work

Threats At Work

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Bild Act Certified PMVA Training

IRMA training providing Bild Act Certified PMVA Training Conflict Resolution training, professional training in Managing Violence and Aggression, Physical Interventions and Resolving Conflict training courses throughout the UK.

We look forward to working with you to create a safer working environment for your staff and colleagues and welcome all your questions and enquiries!