IRMA Training UK based: providing courses from 1-day Conflict Resolution training to 5-day PMVA - Control & Restraint Physical Intervention training following NICE guidelines.



1 day theoretical Conflict Resolution Training Course


2 day Managing Violence and Aggression Training.  2 day mixed theoretical and physical Training Course


2 day Physical Interventions Training Course

3-5 day Therapeutic Management of Violence and Aggression Training Course. (C&R)  

Office staff with no or minimal contact but needs skills in Conflict Resolution in their workplace perhaps on the phone  





 Receptionists, Ward Clerks, Housekeepers,or others who need skills in resolving conflict.





 Doctors, Therapists, Community Staff and Lone Workers who need Self-defence training and/or challenging behaviour training.





 Nurses/Carers/Support workers/Healthcare Assistants - General nurses who need skills in the prevention and management of violence and aggression.





 As above working in Mental Health, Learning Difficulties, Challenging Behaviour, or A&E Staff.  Control and restraint training or Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression training





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This would be for staff who have minimal or no contact with patients/general public.  e.g. office workers or staff working behind glass panels or bars.  They may suffer verbal threats and/or abuse either face to face or via telephone.  This training would help staff have a basic understanding and insight into Aggression and Violence and how to keep safe and get help and support if needed.
Similar to above but staff who are also in need of basic breakaway techniques.  Usually for staff who have minimal face to face contact maybe on a ward or waiting rooms who have security easily available to help them.  They may be ward clerks, secretaries, or people working within or have at times access to a clinical area.
This is a two-day physical aspects course for those staff who may be involved in physically intervening with those patients/clients who present as aggressive/violent towards each other or staff. course.
3 day Course for staff that have minimal need for physical interventions.  For staff working within schools and within Learning Disabilities.
This is a five day mixed course of both physical and theoretical aspects, and is for those staff who work within Mental Health Services and the length of the course is dependant on individual choices of those purchasing this training.  The full five day course includes every aspect as outlined in the four different training programmes IRMA offer from all theoretical aspects of resolving and managing conflict to Physical Intervention Training.
Please visit our FORUM, and register and you will find relevant information on guidelines and legislation along with peoples experiences on dealing with conflict resolution and physical intervention training. There is also a Participants feedback board where clients who have attended our physical and non physical courses can leave feedback.

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