About IRMA Training

IRMA - The Institute for Research into the Management of Aggression was founded in 1976 by Roger Sheldon and the Associate Partners of IRMA Training have worked closely with Roger to develop a system which can be used within the caring professions as well as being able to deliver training within the Education Sector and people dealing with the general public, who need skills in IRMA Trainingconflict resolution management or preventing and managing violence and aggression with positive behavioural support.

The Associate Partners of IRMA Training, Megan Davies and Maxine Burchett have been working in all fields of Psychiatry since 1985.Including EMI, Adult Acute, Rehabilitation, Learning Disabilities, Brain Injury and since 1992 Child and Adolescent.

IRMA Training deliver courses from Two to Three Hour Sessions on Challenging Behaviour, One Day Conflict Resolution/Breakaway Course,Two Day PMVA, MVA, TMVA Course, Three Day PMVA, MVA, TMVA Course, Five Day to Seven Day Train the Trainer Course plus Open Course for Individuals. All Courses are bespoke to the Client

We teach theoretical aspects of conflict resolution as well as practical aspects in dealing with violence and aggression, following NICE guidelines. We do not use Pain-compliance techniques with our physical interventions restraint training.

All our staff have attended the NHS Security Management Service Promoting Safer and Therapeutic Services familiarisation courses and have signed up for their Intranet so we can keep up with research and guidelines. We cover the 10 Objectives set out in the NHS CFSMS Conflict Resolution National Syllabus Familiarisation course.

Our trainers are Mental Health Nurses or Healthcare workers who have worked within the mental health field for many years. They are used to dealing with Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression, Challenging Behaviour and Conflict Resolution on a day-to-day basis.

I have utilised IRMA's Management of Aggression training since the company was first set up, all our staff feel confident that they can work as a team in assaultive situations.
IRMA has an understanding of the problems that we encounter when caring for the mentally ill but at the same time understands the vulnerabilities of our patients. They tailor training to these needs and develop new approaches as we describe new challenges (e.g. wheelchair users). At the same time they focus on de-escalation with the aim to 'manage' aggression rather than to 'control' it.
I have had no hesitation in recommending IRMA across the Hospital services..

Course Participant
Hospital Director
Thank you for a great training course in Conflict Resolution and Physical Intervention course. I enjoyed it very much. Instead of just another boring course it was excellent. I love the way you got everyone motivated and found both days really enjoyable..........I felt as a novice and newcomer to the profession that I learnt more in two days than the three months I have been working on other wards. Your approach was great, listening and giving advice whilst both of your experience in the profession shone through. Don't want to go over the top, but you are doing a great job and great respect to you. Look forward to the next course.
Many thanks

Course Participant Physical Interventions in the Prevention and Management of Aggression and Violence. Training course in London.
I have been able to recommend IRMA training methods to other hospitals as I am confident in the level of training offered. IRMA always provide training of a consistently high quality, depth and with ongoing concern for the health and safety of both staff and patients.
IRMA has taken account of national reports such as the Bennett report to update both practical and theory training in management of aggression. The course content has evolved over time to reflect and instruct NICE guidelines as well as Health and Safety issues.
The capabilities of the trainers working in IRMA has always been relied upon to be consistently of high quality. They offer in-depth training and support all the trainees through the process so none feels unable to learn. The standard of training has also been consistently good.
Training managers may be assured that their staff have been trained to a safe and thorough level so ensuring the safety of both staff and patients.

Course Participant
Hospital Director

During the year long contract with IRMA we have found them to be able to provide a very high standard of training. They have been very flexible in providing what was requested.

Prevention and Management of Aggression Coordinator Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust
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