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Institute of Research for the Management of Aggression

IRMA Training was established in 2002 by Megan Davies and Maxine Burchett after many years of Training within The Priory Group.

We have worked within Mental Health Services for over 30 Years. IRMA Training courses are aimed at anybody who needs effective Conflict Resolution training or the Therapeutic Management of Violence and Aggression within their working environment. Our courses involve both physical and non physical interventions.

IRMA Training's aim is to help staff gain an understanding of Therapeutic Management of Violence and Aggression, how it develops and skills and knowledge on conflict resolution. We teach people about de-escalation, legal aspects, self-assessment, assertiveness and the importance of body language, alongside all latest guidelines and legislation. We teach staff theoretical aspects of conflict resolution as well as practical aspects in dealing with violence and aggression and do not use pain-compliance techniques with our physical interventions restraint training.

IRMA Training

We are accredited to NFPS Ltd and are B tech level 3 Trainers. We fully support the NFPS model and all of the training has been fully risk assessed and medically approved to be used.

All PMVA Courses are CPD accredited and the SG level 3 course too.

As a member of the Restraint Reduction NetworkTM, IRMA Training gives a public commitment to work towards creating restraint-free environments.

IRMA Training

Delivering Training in line with:

Least Restrictive Interventions
Reducing Restrictive Practice
PMVA, TMVA, Conflict Resolution
NICE Guidelines
NHS England
D.O.H. Positive & Proactive Care

Positive Behavioural support
Trauma informed care
Mental health act
Mental capacity act
Health and Safety at work act
Restraint Reduction Network

INCIDENTS in the workplace

Findings from the 2015/16 Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW).
The risk of work related violence was similar in 2015/16 to the previous five years, with an estimated 1.4 per cent of working adults the victims of one or more violent incidents at work

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Thousand Incidents
Thousand Threats
Thousand Assaults
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