Welcome to IRMA Training: Offering Conflict Resolution training as providers of Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression, Control and Restraint training and Physical Intervention courses in the UK.

We are running a Conflict Resolution course in London in the near future if you are interested in joining us please contact us for more information.

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Our courses are aimed at anybody who needs effective  Conflict Resolution training or Managing Violence and Aggression within their working environment. Our courses involve both physical and non physical interventions. 

We aim to help staff gain an understanding of Managing Violence and Aggression, how it develops and skills and knowledge on conflict resolution.  We teach people about de-escalation, Legal aspects, self-assessment, assertiveness and the importance of body language, alongside all latest guidelines and legislation. 
We teach staff theoretical aspects  of conflict resolution as well as practical aspects in dealing with violence and aggression. We do not use Pain-compliance techniques with our physical interventions restraint training.
Some of our current contracts include courses as follows:

Conflict resolution training in London mix of theoretical and practical.


Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression training countrywide


Control and Restraint training in London


Physical Intervention training in London


Resolving Conflict training in London


Managing Violence and Aggression training countrywide


Breakaway and non physical intervention training in London


Please visit our FORUM, and register and you will find relevant information on guidelines and legislation along with peoples experiences on dealing with conflict resolution and physical intervention training. There is also a Participants feedback board where clients who have attended our physical and non physical courses can leave feedback.


 Our courses are aimed at anybody who deals with Resolving Conflict or Managing Violence and Aggression within their working environment. To give confidence to staff when dealing with Conflict.


  All staff have attended the NHS Security Management Service Promoting Safer and Therapeutic Services familiarisation courses and have signed up for their Intranet so we can keep up with research and guidelines. We cover the 10 Objectives set out in the NHS CFSMS Conflict Resolution National Syllabus Familiarisation course


Our trainers are Mental Health Nurses or Healthcare workers who have worked within the mental health field for many years.  They are used to dealing with Managing Violence and Aggression, Challenging Behaviour and Conflict Resolution on a day-to-day basis.


 "Thank you for a great training course in Conflict Resolution and Physical Intervention course.  I enjoyed it very much.  Instead of just another boring course it was excellent.  I love the way you got everyone motivated and found both days really enjoyable.
.........I felt as a novice and newcomer to the profession that I learnt more in two days than the three months I have been working on other wards.
Your approach was great, listening and giving advice whilst both of your experience in the profession shone through.
Don't want to go over the top, but you are doing a great job and great respect to you.  Look forward to next course.  Many thanks "   
(Course Participant of training course in London on Physical Interventions in the Prevention and Management of Aggression and Violence.Hospital Director)



Conflict Resolution training

Managing Violence and Aggression Training.

Two day Physical Interventions Training

Therapeutic Management of Violence and Aggression / Control and Restraint Training (TMVA)

Physical Restraint Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression (PMVA)

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Conflict Resolution Training Courses: Dealing with Violence and Aggression
Conflict Resolution Training Courses.  Effective ways of resolving conflict in the workplace

  Conflict Resolution Training: Preventing and Managing Violence and Aggression

 Conflict Resolution Training Courses- Professional techniques in Managing Violence and Aggression

 The numbers of reported physical assaults in England on NHS staff is as follows:

2004-05  60,385
2005-06  58,695
2006-07  55,709
The number of criminal sanctions following  the assaults are as follows:

2004-05  759

2005-06  850
2006-07  869
(statistics published from NHS SMS).

"As healthcare service providers we needed a training company who shared our philosophy of responsiveness,

professionalism, leading edge techniques and a competitive disposition. We have no hesitation in recommending

IRMA Training as a partner organisation who dovetail exactly into our approach". 

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